Progressive Tapping Licks for Guitar
Tackle tapping one-on-one in this Private Lesson with
MI instructor Jean Marc Belkadi! He covers: blues and
classic tapping licks; scalar tapping licks; triads and
arpeggios; advanced tapping licks; string skipping,
multi-finger tapping, tapped bends, pedal points, open
strings and other devices; and so much more. The book
is in standard notation and tab, and the accompanying
CD contains 75 demo tracks for listening.
Each example is played at full tempo, and most are
repeated at half speed.
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Stu's 5 Stars review:  Tapping has been part of metal and
rock guitarists arsenal of techniques since popularized by
Eddie Van Halen. In this book, the tapping techniques
presented go beyond that to include triad tapping, scalar
tapping and advanced techniques similar to that used by
players like Vai, Satriani,Greg Howe and Jennifer Batten.
An excellent resource and reference.
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