Jazz-Rock Triad Improvising For Guitar
In this private lesson, Jean Marc Belkadi reveals the
secrets to creating
interesting, over the top, red hot licks
and lead phrases!
He covers: modal and tonal usage, triad substitution and
superimposition techniques and much more. The book is
in standard notation and tab, and the CD features
50 full-band tracks.  
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Slo Hand's 5 Stars review: "This book attempts to teach you
how to construct your own jazz licks using moderate outside
to way outside techniques. The 2-5-1 progressions are used,
( major, harmonic major, minor and dominant 7th ) and 4
examples for each with each example increasing in how far out of the tonal
center it migrates before ending in the key.ie. the 1st lick might be largely
diatonic but with some passing notes, the second may employ a tritone sub
and diatonic extentions, the 3rd may employ triads or arpeggios from other
tonalities, the 4th may employ triads from symetrical keys
ala Trane Progressions....." Read
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Fig.1 offers an example of tri-tone substitution on the V (G7♭9) chord of a II-V-I
progression in the key of C major. Notice that over the G7♭9  harmony, a D♭major
triad is substituted in the second half of the measure.
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