Among his most famous students along the years:
James Valentine - Maroon 5 Lead Guitarist
Gavin Rossdale- Bush Lead Singer
Chris Traynor - Blur, Bush's Lead Guitarist
Jessie Carmichael - Maroon 5 Rhythm Guitarist
Mike Posner - Singer, songwriter, producer
Tai Verdes - Singer Songwriter Composer Producer
Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitarist
Justin Derrico - Pink's Lead Guitarist
Jeff Young - Megadeth Lead Guitarist
Sela Ward - CSI New York, Austin Sherman - Guitarist
Chip Rosenbloom - Film Producer, NFL Owner The Rams
Jordan Masterson - Actor Last Man Standing
Paul Stanley's Son Evan Stanley - Guitarist
Jeff Stein - Director - Tom Petty, Frank Zappa etc..
Liv Tyler - Actress - Guitar
Jon Eptein - Film Composer
José Padilha - Director Robocop, Narcos
Matt Ornstein - Director This Is Not Normal
Robert Harmon - Film Director
Eddie Cahill - Actor CSI New York - Guitarist
Saul Rubinek - Actor
Jonathan Sheldon - Filmmaker - Songwriter
Matt Rutler - Christina Aguilera's Guitarist
Jason Miller - Kanye West, Reba Mc Entire, Composer
Sam Spiegel aka Squeak DJ E Clean - Film Composer
Paul Doucette - Matchbox Twenty's Drummer
Dory Lobel - Backstreet Boys 's Lead Guitarist
Jason Lader - Elvis Costello Music Producer
Jeff Paris - George Duke, Stanley Clarke - Guitarist
Raphael Moreira - Christina Aguilera 's Lead Guitarist
Jose Rios - Anderson .Paak's Guitarist
Gianpaolo Guarnieri - Punt Guns' Guitarist
Ricardo Montalban - Actor "Love Boat"
Ethan Roberts - Katy Perry 's Guitarist
Jeffrey Fiskin - Screenwriter
Orianthi- Guitarist "This is it" Michael Jackson
Zane Carney - John Mayer's Guitarist
Brian Chiusano - Guitarist - Musical Director for Orianthi
Gregory Peck 's Grandson Harper Peck
John Denver's Widow Cassandra Delaney - Singer
Matt Hocking Edgar Winter's Guitarist - Creepers Singer
Chip Rosenbloom's son: Alex Rosenbloom - Guitarist
Nathalie Maine's son: Slade - Guitarist
Michael Landon's Son: Sean Landon - Guitarist
Rupert Wainwright MC Hammer "Can't Touch this"Director
Erwan Anadon - Star 80 Lead Guitarist
Dario Comuzzi  - Tori Kelley Lead Guitarist
Meg Frampton - Hillary Duff Guitarist, Blake Shelton
Arianna Powell - Nick Jonas Guitarist
Stephen Puth - Singer Songwriter Composer Producer
Zoe Mirkovich - Singer/ Guitarist - The Voice
Joel Whitley - Stevie Wonder's Guitarist
Joe Holmes -  Ozzy Osbourne's Guitarist (1995)
Micky Crystal - Tygers of Pan Tang Guitarist
Blake Slatkin - Songwriter Composer Producer
With Singer Gwen Stephani
With Bush Singer Gavin Rossdale
With Nirvana Drummer and
Foo Fighter Singer Dave Grohl
With Pink Guitarist Justin Derrico
The Voice Lead Guitarist
With CSINY Actor Eddy Cahill
With CSI NY Actor Sela Ward
With Dixie Chick Nathalie Maine &
Gregory Peck's Daughter Cecilia
With Singer Stephen Puth
With "Cooler than Me" and
"I took a pill in ibiza" Mike Posner
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Who is your favorite pop guitar player around town?
Maroon 5's James Valentine on
the Art of  Pop/FunkGuitar.
He’s incredible. I would say he’s an inspiration, but
what he inspires me to do is throw all my guitars into
the L.A. River. While I may never be able to play like
him, it’s always immensely fun to learn a new lick or
voicing and incorporate it into my onstage vocabulary.
Whenever I can, I take a guitar lesson from
Jean-Marc Belkadi or other guys around town not
just to learn new things, but because lessons keep me
playing guitar. I went to a Berklee summer session
right after high school in 1996, just to learn more
guitar. That’s where I met John Mayer. He won the
big scholarship prize—the son of a bitch. That’s why
I didn’t give him that amp [laughs].
Article by
Jude Gold   
Jean Marc Belkadi Kicks Ass !!! Mike Stern
Dweezil Zappa: "
All in the Family" also took lessons
from players such as
Jean Marc Belkadi. It was like
Guitar University
Chordal Kung Fu Guitar Player's by Jude Gold  
Frank Gambale
I have always thought of Jean-Marc Belkadi as a
remarkable guitarist. He is definitely one of the finest
new upcoming Jazz Guitarist I've heard in years.
His technique is awesome. It's a matter of the public
catching up to what I've known for a long time.
He is all set to blow you away and his
Stopover is a must for all serious guitar fans.
Lucca Daddi
Some months ago, I bought your instructional book
"Advanced Scale Concepts and Licks" Hal Leonard.
Well, I have read all its complete, solos are so good,
all is very clear and well written and it treat many topics.
So I congratulate you for your good work.
Premier Guitar Magazine Interview:
James Valentine (Maroon 5) Hands All Over.
"I started to get together with a great teacher in LA named
Jean Marc Belkadi" page 3
On the roof in Los Angeles!!!
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Guitar Impro on All Thing
Jean Marc Belkadi
Jean Marc Belkadi is distributed by:
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from anywhere in the world!
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Modern Jazz Guitarist with an encyclopedic knowledge of
Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Funk Guitar. Jean Marc Belkadi
developed a prodigious technique and a very unique style
performing with the best:
Stephane Grapelli, Joe Pass,
Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio,
Ted Greene. He is often featured in Premier Guitar and
Guitar Player Magazine's Master Chop Column.
According to the Magazine Jean Marc is considered
as "one of the best Guitar Instructors in the world
and beyond". "Sensei to the Stars"
The Instructional books Hal Leonard/Musicians Institute Press
1  - A Modern Approach to Jazz, Rock & Fusion 1997
2  - The Diminished Scale for Guitar 1997
3  - Advanced Scale Concepts & Licks for Guitar 1999
4  - Jazz-Rock Triad Improvising for Guitar 2000       
5  - Slap & Pop Technique for Guitar 2001
6  - Outside Guitar Licks 2002
7  - Progressive Tapping Licks 2003
8  - Classical Themes for Electric Guitar 2004
9  - Ethnic Rhythms for Electric Guitar Jan 2005
10- Exotic Scales & Licks for Electric Guitar 2005
11- Technique Exercises for Guitar 2006 and in 2011
12- The Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar eBook
Jean Marc Belkadi Belkadi studied with Stephane
Grapelli in France and in the US with Frank Gambale,
Scott Henderson, Joe Pass, Joe Diorio, Tal Farlow,
and Robben Ford at the Musicians Institute.
The Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) class of 1985
had notable alumni such as Jeff Buckley and Paul
Gilbert. He also studied chord improvisation with the
greatest Guitar Master Coach of all-time: Ted Greene
who trained also Mike Stern and Pat Metheny
among others.

Jean Marc Belkadi won the top prices (Jazz category)
of the
Billboard Song Contest in 1993 -  Among
80 000 entries and with Judge
Quency Jones, the 2
songs were originally recorded at
A&M Records on
the request of then A&M VP Music Executive
John McClain, presently
Michael Jackson 's Estate
Executor. Jean Marc Belkadi was invited in 2004
by the Guitar Center to be member of the jury for
the yearly
GuitarMageddon Contest.
He was one of the most respected and sought after
Guitar Teacher of the Los Angeles Music Academy
1997- 2002 and Musicians Institute 1994 - 2007.

In 2017 Author, Composer: Jean Marc Belkadi
co-wrote "White Linen" (featuring Cyhi The Prynce)
with singer-songwriter Mike Posner, Mat Musto
(aka Blackbear), Cydel Young and Peter Hortaridis,
this song produced by American hip-hop duo
Mike Posner and blackbear is from their studio
album Mansionz (2017). Jean Marc also plays
electric guitar on "Nobody Knows" (Mansionz)
composed by Mike Posner, Musto and Soren Bryce.
The latest 2019 Mike Posner's Album
features a song "Wide Open" composed by
Mike Posner, Jean Marc Belkadi, Adam Friedman
and James Bowen.

James Valentine from the Maroon 5 invited
his guitar instructor Jean Marc Belkadi in the
Ernie Ball series documentary "The Pursuit of Tone"
directed by Haven Lamoureux and produced by
Dustin Hinz. "the documentary series profiles
the world’s greatest guitar players and their lifelong
search for their own unique sound".
Jean Marc Belkadi has recorded 2 Albums
STOPOVER and Los Angeles / Toulouse

He is the author of written 11 Instructional
book/CD sets published by
Hal leonard and Musicians
Institute Press.  These concepts address the Jazz, Rock
and Fusion guitar soloists and are sold worldwide.
JMB has an e-book with 60 mp3
"The Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar"
which is his first self-published but book number 12 !!!

Belkadi's Albums and Books are on
Amazon and  iTunes
Commercials Guitar Sessions for Damien Heartwell  
Target Chicano     
Allstate Rewards     
Allstate Unlimited
Car X Man
With Jude Gold, James Valentine
and Marie-Christine Belkadi