Guy Daniels Review's of STOPOVER
My favorite selections were "Stopover" and "The Twelve".
For sheer fretboard frenzied fun, I also liked "Street Licks".
Enjoyable also was the clean toned solo of "For Some Friends"
and the beautiful melodic duet lines of "The last Horizon".
Overall, Jean-Marc Belkadi showcases very good single-note
chops and interesting lines, I especially dig the octave
displacement technique. The clean solo in "...Friends"
was a nice'icing on the cake'. Not all guitarists, as keen or
concerned listeners know, can bring it home with a
clean tone. Many are disappointing in this vein. I am glad
to say J.M.B. was not! The striking thing about J.M.B.'s
playing is the feel that he conveys. He is a Jazz/Rocker at
heart equally at home in both idioms ("Street Licks"
confirms that he is also a committed shredder). I like J.M.B.'s
overall attitude towards music. He is not afraid to be
aggressive where the stereotype ideal of the music might
demand otherwise. He is adventurous, and yet very disciplined.
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