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40 pages  
Ethnic Rhythms for Electric Guitar
5 Continents · 27 Countries · 2 Hands - Acclaimed guitarist
Jean Marc Belkadi takes you on a musical expedition
around the world from Europe to Africa, South America,
Asia, and the Middle East. You'll discover a huge variety of
unusual and inspiring ethnic rhythms, riffs, and licks in this
creative book and CD pack. The accompanying CD
contains 81 demo tracks of all the music in the book.
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On Amazon: Anthony wrote " World music has always intrigued me so
naturally I wanted to seek out guitar instructional books that would
allow me to transfer this to my own playing.
Ethnic Rhythms for Guitar by Jean Marc Belkadi has proved to be a
fantastic introduction. An amazing variety of musical styles are tackled
here with a handful of examples for each".
The Bulgarian rhythm guitar style makes use of constant odd-meter time signatures with Salkovic
melodies. This is one of my favorite musical cultures. A lot of their songs are written in 5/8, 7/8,
or 9/8; often all these meters are in one tune!. These odd meters, however, are always used with a
beautiful musical sense.
This example is in 7/8 with Ami and Dmi chords. Try to play this slowly first and increase the
tempo later on.
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