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The Diminished Scale for Guitar
Jean Marc Belkadi reveals the secrets of using the
diminished scale in over 30 lessons and sample phrases.
The CD includes over 30 tracks fordemonstration and
play-along, and the topics covered include: tonal and
modal usage; diminished triads, chromaticism,
arpeggios, polytonalities, common licks and patterns
for jazz, rock, and fusion guitar; and more!
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The Chord progression is Cm7-F7♭9-B♭maj7. Over the V chord (F7♭9),
the diminished scale (half -whole) is used. This example uses three triads per
scale pattern before resolving to B♭maj7.
Ormus' 5 stars review: "From a great teacher comes
a great resource of lines and uses for this very useful
scale. Very useful and easy to understand, GET IT!!!"
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The Diminished Scale in a Tonal Context
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